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We were recently selected by Lime Venue portfolios as supplier of the month

  • This month in Supplier Focus of the Month we profile Speedy Disco. Speedy Disco hire DJ’s, DJ equipment and Karaoke Machines for parties and events all over London and surrounding areas, we talk to Senior DJ Andy Dennis to find out more. Through years of experience, innovation and the latest audio technology Speedy Disco leads the way to the best possible eclectic DJ sets on London’s fullest dance floors.

“Variation is the key – This is why I really enjoy performing at private and corporate events with a wide range of ages and musical taste.”- Andy Dennis, Senior DJ, Speedy Disco

Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP): Hi Andy, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us. When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early influences?

Andy Dennis (AD): I have always loved just about every type of music you can dance to. In the 1990s I started at a very young age travelling around Europe, the 90s were the most influential time for dance music. In Mallorca a well-known DJ had been booked to play at a major club but failed to turn up, I jumped at the chance to DJ in his place and this got noticed on the dance music scene. From then on I was booked regularly to DJ for major nightclubs playing to large event crowds, playing alongside Europe’s most well-known DJs at the time. This exposure helped me tune my skills for the trade. I returned to London a few years later and started working for some agencies at private and corporate events, this is when I saw a gap in the market and Speedy Discos was born.

LVP: All your experience across Europe must have been beneficial when you decided to start up your own business. What do you think DJ’s bring to events?

AD: I think people prefer dancing to the original artist of a song and having the ability to switch genres and styles quickly keeps the dance floor lively and exciting. When you are the DJ at a wedding or big sporting event this is an unrepeatable one off event, with the perfect mix of music for the crowd it is the most exhilarating experience.

LVP: You can’t beat the original! What are your top tips on creating a successful DJ set?

AD: Variation is the key – This is why I really enjoy performing at private and corporate events with a wide range of ages and musical taste mixing Timeless Classics, the latest and recent big chart songs and a few surprise tracks mixing in really smoothly to make the whole event flow – in short play the right song at the right time!

Speedy Disco Savoy

LVP: Music definitely can make or break an event. What do you usually start with when preparing a set?

AD: Really getting in depth with a client to discuss their exact musical preferences, and asking them for a small varied list of must play songs from which I can expand on. I spend many hours planning the provisional playlist and basic song order for each event, taking into consideration the clients wishes so that the music played makes the party unique for them.

LVP: It’s great that you put in so much time and effort to ensure that you perform the perfect music set. Do you believe in the possibility of ‘reading an audience’ and how do you put it into practice?

AD: Yes completely, the best Djs feel a direct connection sharing their passion for the music with every single person on a full rocking dance floor. Although it is difficult to explain, with years of experience you actually start to become really sensitive and tuned in to the energy of the audience dancing, constantly assessing the collective reaction and guiding the musical direction and tracks to move on to.

Speedy Disco Small

LVP: I bet seeing and feeling the energy of the audience being as one is such an incredible experience. What have been some of your favourite events you have worked at?

AD: Every Event is equally important as I have DJed for Chelsea FC at FA Cup Parties and at many large and small events. At Speedy Discos my DJs have played at hundreds of events and weddings at all the main conference, banqueting and historic venues in Central London. Engaging the crowd is our priority at every event, if the crowd is enjoying themselves we are enjoying ourselves.

LVP: What equipment do you have?

AD: We have custom Pro PA systems by QSC, Nexo, HK- moving head LED lighting and the latest Pioneer DJ controller and CDJs. We work to individual client budgets and hire a full range of DJ equipment & professional DJs, this keeps our venue and corporate clients coming back to us year in year out.

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