“Music is a key component to any party, and a good DJ is huge part of making any event a success”

Booking with Speedy Disco you can be sure we will mix from a well thought out and perhaps occasionally surprising collection of music. We will respect your musical taste while balancing it with what’s appropriate for your guests to create an eclectic mix to keep the dance floor full all night.

We only play the music you want for your event

When you book we send you a detailed music selection form for you to list all your favourite songs and genres
We are happy to play all songs and genres of music that you ask for and will make sure that we do not play any tracks not to your taste
With a collection of over 36000 on location songs we will play to your specific requirements.

We will take requests on-location from guests to produce the absolute best mix of music possible for your event

We cover all genres and eras of music and will seamlessly mix between styles to offer a tailored and personal program of music which will flow and keep the dance floor packed

We welcome a playlist and provided you are confident in your musical tastes and those of your guests. You can leave the music completely to us or send us a small list of your favourite songs to be included during the evening or a comprehensive detailed multi page full playlist to be stuck to – the choice is yours.

Most clients just want a DJ to play the right music to get their guests on the dance floor having a good time. By booking with Speedy Disco, combining your requests, and our knowledge of how to read the crowd, you can be assured we will produce the absolute best mix of music possible for your event


Our Clients Say – “Quite often you ask a DJ to play your songs and they think they are a load of rubbish and don’t play them and wonder why no one is dancing! You played so many of the tunes I requested which meant everyone was dancing like mad things. Sadly from the days we were at uni, so quite ancient songs. As a result everyone had a blast!”

Client Testimonial – Martha October 2016 –